Feed them Healthy Project Update 2017


Well…It hasn’t happened yet… There has been 2 years of nonstop set-backs.

But all that is water under the bridge.

We are now living in Monterey, Virginia which is in Highland County.  Great place.  Tremendous grass pastures and a very attractive farm that is at the headwaters of the Potomac and James (and Jackson) Rivers.

For the past year we have been operating the Trimble House Bed and Breakfast providing wholesome food and chemical free accommodations for our guests.  We have loved doing it, but now there has been a significant change of opportunity and direction.

My wife, Terri, recently learned she could renew and reactivate her nursing license here in Virginia without retaking the national board exams.  She was able to do that and now has secured a full-time and part-time job over the mountains in Staunton and Harrisonburg.  (There are four mountain ranges between Monterey and those towns where nursing jobs are located).

In the process of looking for a place to live over there, we stumbled into a perfectly adequate ranch property of 150 acres, that is located right next door to a meat processing plant. Perfect!

At the same time, we have learned that our property in Oklahoma (the one with the runway and hanger) may be acquired by the Army Base which is next door to that property… So depending how the appraisal of the property goes, we may be in a position to make a substantial down payment on this 150 acre farm…

So, in the meantime, we are planning to participate in tomorrow’s “Giving Tuesday” and all the funds we raise will go toward the Global ResQ “Feed them Healthy” project! The fundraising will be continuous now with all contributions either adding to the capital project (acquiring the farm) or to the acquisition of farm animals and infrastructure.

The numbers and pounds of beef we can contribute initially will be much smaller than shown and suggested elsewhere on this blog.  But we know the time has come for this kind of project “feeding them healthy.” We will start small and grow our capacity as quickly as possible.  We also know that our target recipients are much broader than we originally anticipated.  For example, we now understand that the right animal based foods and their wonderful fats and minerals are absolutely needed for autistic kids, for adults on multiple prescribed medications and in nursing homes, for school age children with chronic diseases, and for anyone with cancer.

All of these will be examples of the populations we will target.  Our objective is to create easy to store packages of meats, eggs, and vegetables and distribute them on a nonprofit basis to any who need such nutrient dense food — in exchange for a report on their health progress. As explained above, we will start small, but we believe the demand for foods needed to create terrific health will be nearly explosive.



So how is Global ResQ going to do it?


BoyandhamburgerDo what?  Feed nearly $50 million in healthy grass-fed beef to the hungry over the first 5 years… That amounts to feeding 10 pounds of healthy beef to nearly 96,000 hungry people each year, or 10 pounds of beef monthly to 8,000.

Here is the basic plan:

1.  Secure a grant to procure the necessary ranches and the cattle.  This is in process.SquareMeaters


2.  Develop a rapidly growing, tender, and grass loving cross-bred beef cattle.



3.  Manage the cattle grazing by usinCleantheAirg highly productive ultra-intensive grazing management that leverages the land size to increase the number of cattle raised, and which also heals the soils.

4.  Use dairy cattle to increase the number of cross-bred cattle grazing on the ranches.

5.  Acquire a well-run grass-only 2800 head dairy to provide the monthly cash flow needed to sustain the beef cattle operation.SONY DSC  SONY DSC

The business plan for all of this is written and has been vetted by a leading commercial underwriter.  We welcome you donations here so we can get the project registered in the Senate for funding this spring.


Why Feed them Healthy!


There are three main reasons why the world needs the Feed them Healthy! program:

1.  Most important reason:  Feed them Healthy! provides real food to the hungry.  There are many hungry families and children.  In fact, a lot more than the statistics showing that 1 out of every 6 Americans is hungry.  Why?  Because most Americans are starved for real nutrition.  Most are being sustained by empty calories consisting of processed food filled with harmful chemicals, including unhealthy amounts of sugars and high fructose corn syrup.  Added to this hodge podge of fake food, now most items from the stores are based on GMO grains or animal products enhanced by growth hormones.  Such food does not satisfy hunger.  Instead, such food creates obesity and starts the process of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

2.  Next:  Our process of producing real food rejuvenates the soil.  We are growing chemical free grass fed beef using an advanced method of grazing management.  It is called ultra-high density grazing management or colloquially as “mob grazing.”  This grazing method management method emulates the action of the buffalo herds on the plains.  The cattle are placed on distinct plots of land (called paddocks) and moved every day or more often.  While in a particular paddock, the beef cattle eat 1/4 to 1/3 of the grass and trample the rest into the soil.  The results: There is no overgrazing.  The cows are healthier because a brand new pasture paddock loaded with healthy grass awaits them each day.  The intensity of the action in each paddock stimulates the soil.  The urine and dung fertilizes the soil.  The trampled pasture adds vast amounts of organic material to the soil.  Then, because there are at least 91 paddocks in the rotation, the pasture grasses have plenty of time to recover and generate new healthy and diverse swards of grass. In the process, the pastures explode with new growth and seeds of diverse grasses (both cool and warm weather grasses) and forbes (otherwise known as weeds) begin to grow and grow rapidly.  Then, when one cycle around the segmented pasture is completed, the herd of cattle come through again for their brief one-day or less stay to continue to stimulate the soil, add organic matter and eat the chemical free grass.


Best of all this process restores nutrients to the soils.  Earth worms return.  Healthy microbes are able to set up housekeeping and rapidly explode in numbers, creating more healthy nutrients.  Moreover, this process also stores (or sequesters) vast amounts of carbon, cleaning the air we breathe.  And as a result of all of this, the soil captures and stores more of the natural rainfall, in essence making the flourishing ranch land less susceptible to the effects of drought.  Many ranchers report that in two or three years of this kind of grazing management, the soil actually becomes spongy.    In addition, since the grazing process is managed carefully, at the end of the natural growing season, there are still 3-4 months of edible grass remaining for the cattle.  That means the need for expensive tractors and haymaking equipment, not to mention dedicated land for hay growing is obviated.  So the whole process is much less expensive to operate.  Oh, and I failed to mention that you can raise 2-4 times the number of cattle on any particular pasture area using this method.   In sum, more healthy beef raised at lower cost, and in the process preparing the land for full organic vegetable and fruit production.

3.  Finally, the cycle is complete as those nourished by real food are much healthier.  That of course leads to lower medical costs, higher rates of academic achievement and increased energy and innovation.  In a word, a much better society.

Truly grass-fed and chemical free beef and other animal products, including dairy, are extremely healthy.  Grass-fed meat products are rich in Omega -3 fatty acids and CLAs.  The following chart shows the nutritional content of grass-fed meats.  An important measure is the ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.  The lower the ratio, the healthier one’s diet.


As can be seen from the table grain-fed beef has a very high ration of Omega 6’s to Omega 3’s, about 31 to 1.  In sharp contrast, Grass-fed beef has nearly a 1-1 ratio.  The ideal dietary ratio is about 1-1.  People who consume the conventional or Standard American Diet (SAD) have essential fatty acid ratio’s in the range of 16-20 to 1.  Such high amounts of Omega 6’s in relation to Omega 3’s will only lead to chronic illnesses of all kinds.

If for no other reason, grass-fed beef is an ideal food.  Of course, fish and fish oil supplements also provide Omega 3’s.  But such sources have other problems.  (Heavy metal poisoning for one).

By the way, the assertions about saturated fats in the table above may not be particularly relevant for health, as saturated fats are actually quite good for you, for brain health and for essential mineral absorption.  All of these lead to better health, better capacity for educational success, less violence and in sum, a better society.

In summary, the Feed them healthy! program provides crucial nutrition for those who can least afford it, the program rejuvenates the soil, and it creates a healthier and therefore better society.

Grass Fed Beef for your Spring Barbeque


Here is a wonderful deal for philanthropists and investors: You donate to Global ResQ and we will send you free of shipping charges, 50% of your donation in grass-fed beef for your spring (and end of winter) barbeque celebration for your family or company.


Again, we will return 50% of your donation in grass-fed beef.

We are making this easy.  The donation amounts for this campaign are $1600, $3000 and $5600.  The $1600 donation amount gives you an charitable deduction and a 1/4 grass-fed beef carcass cut into steaks, roasts and hamburger and shipped free of charge to your doorstep from LaCense.com.

The larger amounts are for 1/2 and full grass-fed beef carcasses. How much beef do you get with this offer?  Here is a brief table.

Number of Cuts 21 20 15
Number of Pounds (approx.) 249.25 128.75 66.25
Your Price $2,789 $1,499 $799

Of course, the more you donate, the more grass-fed beef you will receive.

Why are we running this campaign? We want to create relationships with you.  As we grow True Nature Ranches and the Feed them Healthy! project, we will also wish to connect you with the recipients of your donations.  They get what you get.  Everyone is healthier.  Thank you for participating!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

True Nature VIP Ranches-New Page and eBook

CowsmobgrazingAs some readers may know, Global ResQ has been working to qualify for a major government grant to purchase and develop a series of organic grass-fed ranches.

We have also designed a privately funded path to achieve the ‘Feed them Healthy!” objectives.  We call this program True Nature VIP Ranches.  See the menu and page with that title, where you can download the FREE eBook describing the benefits of purchasing a True Nature VIP Ranch and joining our VIP Ranch program.  Click here for the True Nature VIP Ranch page.


Saturated Fats from grass fed beef and dairy are good for you

This is a great video outlining the history and reasons for the “low fat” diet tsunami that has led many to completely reject the use of saturated fats. Unfortunately, as the history and video shows, such dietary advice has been completely counter-productive. Saturated fats from grass fed beef and dairy are actually very good for you and me. That’s why eating grass fed beef is one way to help save the planet, particularly when that beef is raised using intensive grazing management methods that rejuvenate the pasture soils.

Save the Planet … Really!

The following new trailer from Polyface Farms says it all.  The right agricultural management, with symbiotic processes, giving people healthy food to eat will Save the Planet and greatly reduce illness and the incentives for corporate and government tyranny.

I highly recommend watching this.  Joel Salitin has been a key influence on the development of Global ResQ’s Feed them Healthy! program.   And True Nature Ranches will be operated much as shown in this video to (1) feed healthy food to impoverished hungry families, (2) teach them how to eat better, and (3) give them an opportunity for meaningful work….  And while they are not working or learning about nutrition, we will teach any who are totally or partially illiterate how to read better and think critically.

Won’t you join us? Donate any amount here or shop here to make indirect contributions.  And if you can recommend a major individual or corporate sponsorship, see our new Corporate Sponsor brochure here.  Whatever you can do will be VERY much appreciated.  It is just time to get this started so the Feed them Healthy! message can spread throughout America and the World.




Who are “Them?”

Who are “THEM?”
By Wayne G. Walker, PhD

Global ResQ’s new project is “Feed them Healthy!”


Hungry People being fed

Who are “them”? For purposes of the new project, the term “them” refers to the hungry, the impoverished, and those afflicted by disasters who are in need of immediate, though temporary, sources of nourishment. Thus, them
refers to those who receive assistance from regional and national food banks or who are survivors of disasters. Note that hungry people may, and often does include those who are both living in poverty and have become obese.  In fact, there is a great percentage of people living in poverty who are obese precisely because their bodies are starving for real food.

Thus, in the broader sense, “them” refers to everyone. It refers to you
and me, our children, and our neighbors. In fact, our educational
outreach involves informing all Americans of the importance of healthy
nutrition and healthy living. But what is healthy?

Indeed. There is so much confusing information. So many food choices.
Fast foods, restaurant foods, quick serve foods, microwave foods, meats,
vegetables, ice creams, soda pops, and deserts. And so much deception
in the marketplace. In fact, it is hard to know what is healthy without
making learning about such issues a priority. In fact, when most young
adults, and many who are much older, begin to consider healthy
nutrition, they are shocked to discover that most of their favorite
foods are considered unhealthy by experts. “So what can I eat?” is
frequently the first reaction. “Everything is going to kill us in the
end, right?”

Unfortunately, society has gotten to that point. Most food in the
grocery stores has one problem or another. Most processed foods,
anything in cans or boxes, either have chemical additives, or have been
infused with sugars, high fructose corn syrup, or industrial processed
vegetable oils, or all of the above. In fact, in the United States, the
FDA has approved over 3000 chemicals for addition to foods. What is
worse is that most processed foods now contain genetically modified
(GMO) grains, fruits or sugars. And the government is continuing to
approve multiple GMO plants and seeds and has set up legal protections
for Monsanto and others who are developing such crops so they cannot be
sued for any harm caused by their patented products, or by the chemicals
(primarily Roundup or other herbicides and pesticides) that are heavily
applied to such genetically modified plants.

That protection is the same the government has been providing
pharmaceutical companies that develop and produce vaccination serums.

So in essence the government is protecting large corporations to develop
artificial and patented food products and artificial medications, while
at the same time passing laws that have the effect of driving small
farmers and dairymen out of business, those who produce healthy and
natural foods.

As America wakes up to this deplorable situation, key questions come to

So what is healthy? And who are “them?” Healthy is natural food, grown
organically, without application of dangerous chemicals, and prepared
for consumption without destroying the natural nutrients or adding
harmful substances. Healthy living requires an attitude shift, and a
willingness to learn and make changes to diets, cooking and food preparation, and careful food choices. Them is everyone. You and me.

The big question remains, however. How do we “Feed them Healthy!”? The
answer is straightforward. Start small, educate widely and promote the benefits
of healthy nutrition. Global ResQ is starting small, producing healthy
grass-fed beef and dairy products for regional and local food banks in
ways that rejuvenate the soil, and prepare the soil to grow organic
produce. We teach food recipients how to select and prepare natural
food products that are free of chemical additives, and completely free
of GMO grains, fruits, vegetables or sugars. And we show how most
people can develop their own food production system so they can always
feed themselves healthy. At the same time, we grow the ability to
provide healthy meat and produce on a much wider scale, while joining
with and supporting those who are providing such healthy food on a local
scale, for themselves and their neighbors.

Feed them Healthy! is a movement whose time has come. Them is us.

Why Grass Fed Beef can Save the Planet

Why Grass Fed Beef can Save the Planet….Cows mob grazing
By Wayne G. Walker, PhD

Recently an article from New Zealand featured a talk by Nora Gedgaudas who claimed that grass fed meat could save the planet.*  She focused her talk on the nutritional aspects of animal based proteins and fats.

Was Nora right?

Here are some additional insights:

To grass feed cattle from weaning to finishing, on totally organic pastures, requires a high level of hands-on grazing management, preferably using some form of ultra-high density grazing, or mob grazing.  Such methods are somewhat more labor intensive in the short-run but they have many advantages.  For one thing, such grazing actually restores nutrients to the soil, and adds a significant amount of organic material.  In that way, large amounts of carbon are sequestered into the soil.  Together, these impacts not only stop desertification, they begin to rebuild topsoil and rejuvenate the soil, prepping it for organic crop production.  So proper grass fed grazing eliminates the erosion caused by overgrazing and actually begins to restore the planet to productive health.  Moreover, the amount of carbon sequestered by the action of cattle trampling organic material into the soil more than offsets the methane produced by the grazing cattle.  The bottom line: modern grass fed cattle grazing stops deserts from forming, rejuvenates the soil and cleans the air of carbon dioxide.

In addition to healing the soil, managing cattle herds in this fashion creates healthy cattle that are no longer dependent on antibiotics and other chemicals added to the pastures.  And since such cattle are healthier, they no longer need multiple vaccinations.  And reducing the vast quantity of antibiotics used on cattle and other livestock will only reduce the rate at which vaccines lose their effectiveness in treating human pathogens.

Now, with the soil healthier and the animals healthier, the food production is naturally much more healthy for the consumers.  In fact, now the grass fed beef raised on organic pastures is completely healthy.  Why?  For one, the fats, yes the saturated fats, are excellent sources of nutrients.   And saturated fats are NOT the cause of heart disease, despite what you may have heard or believed to the contrary.  In fact, the original research that led to the widespread canard was completely fraudulent.  Look up Ancel Keys and check out the difference in the graph he showed with 7 data points that seemed to show perfect correlation between the quantity of saturated fats consumed and heart disease, and the true graph using all 22 data points that Keys possessed but did not show.  Basically, Keys misrepresented his data and the government (FDA) and the processed oil industry began scaring everyone about saturated fats.  Yet, it was all a lie.

In addition, grass fed meats are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA for short), an excellent cancer, diabetes and obesity fighter.  Best of all, by basing diets largely on animal fats and organic produce, the cravings for sugars and high fructose corn syrups goes way down.  The result, much less obesity, disease, diabetes, cancers and chronic illnesses, and at the same time much greater energy, stamina, mental acuity and overall health.

To sum, the grass fed cattle movement including advanced grazing management techniques, is good for the earth, is great for the health of the animals, and provides superior nutrition for humankind.  Ms. Gedgaudas was right.  Grass fed cattle can save the planet.

That is all well and good.  But what can you do to benefit from these insights?  Have you tried shopping for grass fed beef?  Do you know any local ranchers who can sell you a quarter of a beef?  Do you have the freezer space to store that much?

In later posts I will talk about some of these challenges.

In the meantime, we welcome your support for the “Feed them healthy!” campaign.

* http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/business/9311062/Grass-fed-meat-promises-to-revive-health-benefits

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