5 Reasons the US needs a new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit

5 Reasons the US needs a new Nonprofit focused on “FeTrueNatureRanchesFTHed them Healthy.”

  1. 30% of children and adolescents in the US are obese or overweight.  They are overweight because of sugar, fructose,  corn syrup and processed vegetable oils (think chips and most every other processed food)
  2. 17-20% of children and adolescents are food insecure.  They are eating food largely provided by national and regional food banks, which is, for the most part, completely unhealthy.  Here is why:
  3. Food bank food is largely provided by tax-deductible gifts from large grocery chains and food suppliers like ConAgra and Cargill.  Thus, most of the food that food insecure kids get are processed and GMO foods, full of sugars, chemical additives, and hydrogenated vegetable oils: exactly the kinds of foods that cause (1) obesity, (2) an increase in violent behavior, (3) an increase in chronic diseases like diabetes, and (4) reduced cognitive abilities.
  4. Therefore stopping hunger and actually helping food insecure families in the US starts with healthy food.  Most pitches for donations to the hungry do not fund the purchase or production of healthy food.  So we need a new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit that is focused on producing and growing absolutely healthy food for the hungry.
  5. But supplies of healthy foods are not enough.  The food insecure, and in fact all Americans need to learn what is actually healthy and how to prepare such foods and develop eating habits that will eliminate obesity and unhealthy eating.  A new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit is needed that will help educate, train, persuade and teach the truth about foods, and how to prepare, enjoy and habitually eat such healthy foods.

Global ResQ is designed to achieve these goals.  Originally focused to provide disaster response services, the food disaster in the US calls for new thinking and powerful active measures.  When you support Global ResQ you will receive:

  1. A supply of healthy food and meat products with the same health qualities and benefits we supply to the food insecure.
  2. The satisfaction of knowing that hungry children and families are receiving the same quality and quantity of food that you receive.

The satisfaction of knowing that the balance of your donation is funding the development of organic, self-sustaining, farms and ranches that will continue to provide truly healthy food for years and years, coupled with effective training and coaching to create and sustain healthy nutritional life styles.


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