About Us

Global ResQ, Inc. a certified 501c3 public charity is expanding its mission from providing disaster response surveillance services to providing healthy food for hungry people, including people caught up in disasters.

Formed in 2007 to provide disaster response surveillance and rescue missions during disasters using the new high technology unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and supporting equipment, Global ResQ acquired and operated a UAV test facility near Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  However, with the regulatory delays and public relations problems facing the technology, and Homeland Security’s takeover of disaster response missions, we made a decision to change directions and focus on providing healthy food for hungry people, both for disaster response missions and day-to-day food and nutrition needs.

We are presently applying for a grant to operate several ranches under the name of True Nature Ranches that will use advanced ultra-high density grazing management methods to 1. heal the soil by continually adding organic matter, 2. sequester vast amounts of carbon, and 3. produce totally healthy grass-fed beef products untainted by hormones, antibiotics, and herbicide/pesticide residues. These healthy beef products will be contributed to regional and national food banks.  A portion, however, will be available for purchase by donors who are contributing to the mission of Global ResQ.  In addition, as the soil becomes truly healthy, portions of the ranches will be devoted to growing organic produce to be distributed to local farmer’s markets and food banks.

We have received strong indications of support for this project already from several regional food banks and one major national food bank.  We welcome your support.


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