Feed them Healthy Project Update 2017


Well…It hasn’t happened yet… There has been 2 years of nonstop set-backs.

But all that is water under the bridge.

We are now living in Monterey, Virginia which is in Highland County.  Great place.  Tremendous grass pastures and a very attractive farm that is at the headwaters of the Potomac and James (and Jackson) Rivers.

For the past year we have been operating the Trimble House Bed and Breakfast providing wholesome food and chemical free accommodations for our guests.  We have loved doing it, but now there has been a significant change of opportunity and direction.

My wife, Terri, recently learned she could renew and reactivate her nursing license here in Virginia without retaking the national board exams.  She was able to do that and now has secured a full-time and part-time job over the mountains in Staunton and Harrisonburg.  (There are four mountain ranges between Monterey and those towns where nursing jobs are located).

In the process of looking for a place to live over there, we stumbled into a perfectly adequate ranch property of 150 acres, that is located right next door to a meat processing plant. Perfect!

At the same time, we have learned that our property in Oklahoma (the one with the runway and hanger) may be acquired by the Army Base which is next door to that property… So depending how the appraisal of the property goes, we may be in a position to make a substantial down payment on this 150 acre farm…

So, in the meantime, we are planning to participate in tomorrow’s “Giving Tuesday” and all the funds we raise will go toward the Global ResQ “Feed them Healthy” project! The fundraising will be continuous now with all contributions either adding to the capital project (acquiring the farm) or to the acquisition of farm animals and infrastructure.

The numbers and pounds of beef we can contribute initially will be much smaller than shown and suggested elsewhere on this blog.  But we know the time has come for this kind of project “feeding them healthy.” We will start small and grow our capacity as quickly as possible.  We also know that our target recipients are much broader than we originally anticipated.  For example, we now understand that the right animal based foods and their wonderful fats and minerals are absolutely needed for autistic kids, for adults on multiple prescribed medications and in nursing homes, for school age children with chronic diseases, and for anyone with cancer.

All of these will be examples of the populations we will target.  Our objective is to create easy to store packages of meats, eggs, and vegetables and distribute them on a nonprofit basis to any who need such nutrient dense food — in exchange for a report on their health progress. As explained above, we will start small, but we believe the demand for foods needed to create terrific health will be nearly explosive.