Change how the World Eats

It’s time to produce Healthy Food for Hungry People.  We can start in the United States. Global ResQ (a 501c3) is developing totally organic farms and grass fed ranches in Oklahoma and Missouri.  Our objective is to provide totally healthy produce and meat products raised on healthy soil and grass. 


We use ultra-high (mob) intensive grazing to produce totally healthy meat products from cattle who live their lives happily munching on grass and who never see hormones or antibiotics, much less GMO corn feed.  The intensive grazing builds and restores the soil, making it ideal for organic, no till farmingIt also reduces the cost of meat production, and minimizes the impact of drought.


On the following pages you can learn more about Global ResQ and our True Nature Farms and Ranches.  Find out how you can benefit directly!


  • Nancy C.

    At last… a realstic solution to help the people who really need it. It’s a full circle solution to lower health care costs, boost IQ’s and position our children to be contributing adults in our country. Poor nutrition is a leading cause of the dumbing out of American children. Sixty years ago everyone had access to healthy locally grown organic food – children weren’t diabetic, allergic – attention disorders were unknown. The only way to save ourselves and our precious children is to care enough to give them food that’s not contaminated with chemicals and additives. There’s no need to give up eating meat – it needs to be organic, grass feed beef – locally grown and humanely processed. These folks are the real deal – genius… just plain and simple genius… the best ideas are the simple ones.