Farms and Ranches

The following are the farm and ranch properties we have identified, and have secured letters of intent from the owners to sell the properties to Global ResQ, should we be successful in raising our grant funding.  Five of these are in southern Missouri and one in Oklahoma.  We have completed our business plan and grant submission and are now raising funds to finish that application.

Missouri Farms and Ranches

  1. 1250-Acre Ranch near Ava, MO

IMG_1173 IMG_1176 IMG_1178

  1. 1131-Acre Ranch near Seymour, MO

1106797 Loft Barn-1


3.  38-Acre organic demonstration ranch near Seymour, MO and True Nature Farms and Ranches headquarters (the horse barn on the left will be converted to Global ResQ offices.  The small farm will be managed to demonstrate how small farms can be totally self-supporting for produce and protein needs.  We will use the same techniques used on the production ranches, but on a smaller scale, to heal the soils and create healthy food.

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Organic Oklahoma Ranch, Farm and Executive Health and Wellness Retreat and Conference Center – 2250 acres, near Morris, Oklahoma

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