How you can help and participate

Your help is needed to make the vision of “Feed them Healthy!” a reality!

True Nature Farms and Ranches is dedicated to donating the healthiest and tenderest beef available to the truly hungry and those afflicted by disasters.

You will receive a tax deduction receipt for every dollar you donate to this project.  Best of all, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the nonprofit mission of Global ResQ to provide “Feed them Healthy!”

Donate today- Together we can make the vision of Feed them Healthy! a reality!!!

In the meantime, as we finalize our grant application to purchase the ranches described on this website, we need your donations to defray the start up costs required to process our grant application.   Every dollar you donate will generate up to $2000 in value for Global ResQ or the average price of 1 acre of ranch land.  In other words, your $1 donation will provide enough land to feed 1 head of livestock for 6 months each year.

Any amounts that you can give today through the donate button below will be much appreciated.

The following is a link to our Feed them Healthy! and True Nature Ranches brochure: True Nature Ranches Brochure Final 


  • Lesi Moore

    Please show proof that you are not pocketing donations.

    • Admin

      Hi Lesi:

      Great question and I appreciate it. At the present time, Global ResQ is small. We have owned and operated a small training field adjacent to Fort Sill since 2008. Our books are reviewed annually by the Board. With the True Nature Ranches and Healthy Food for the Hungry expansion we are adding board members and will be putting in place additional written policies, hiring a CFO and filing the long IRS Form 990, all of which will provide the kind of assurance you seek. For now, I am having to liquidate personal assets to make contributions to fund the underwriter and lobbyist fees required to secure the grant we have been encouraged to apply for. Because of your question, it may be you are in a position to make a significant donation. If so, I will be happy to visit regarding advisory board membership that will give you access to all the financials in real time. Feel free to call the number in the Contact page and ask for me. Thanks, Wayne Walker