Grass Fed Beef for your Spring Barbeque


Here is a wonderful deal for philanthropists and investors: You donate to Global ResQ and we will send you free of shipping charges, 50% of your donation in grass-fed beef for your spring (and end of winter) barbeque celebration for your family or company.


Again, we will return 50% of your donation in grass-fed beef.

We are making this easy.  The donation amounts for this campaign are $1600, $3000 and $5600.  The $1600 donation amount gives you an charitable deduction and a 1/4 grass-fed beef carcass cut into steaks, roasts and hamburger and shipped free of charge to your doorstep from

The larger amounts are for 1/2 and full grass-fed beef carcasses. How much beef do you get with this offer?  Here is a brief table.

Number of Cuts 21 20 15
Number of Pounds (approx.) 249.25 128.75 66.25
Your Price $2,789 $1,499 $799

Of course, the more you donate, the more grass-fed beef you will receive.

Why are we running this campaign? We want to create relationships with you.  As we grow True Nature Ranches and the Feed them Healthy! project, we will also wish to connect you with the recipients of your donations.  They get what you get.  Everyone is healthier.  Thank you for participating!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would you feed your family on 12.5 cents per meal?


Pennies per meal

How about 14 cents or even 20 cents?

How do they do it?  Who?  The food banks of America. 

Those numbers are what is implied by the ratio of donations-to-meals-provided that food banks advertise.  Give us a donation of $1 they say and we will feed, respectively, 8, 7 or 5 hungry people.  The first is from Feeding America, the leading food bank organization in the United States, the second from a statewide regional food bank in the Feeding America network, and the third from Arvest Bank in their feeding 1 million hungry people program each year. (Note: Arvest Bank is owned by Walmart).

This is both great news and terrible news.

These are great numbers for attracting donations and showing how far charitable donations go toward “helping” those in need.  And when families cannot afford to purchase food, or lose their SNAPS (formerly called food stamps) allocations from the government, these gifts of food do satisfy the chronic nagging hunger.

But would you spend so little to feed your family?  Could you?

There are two massive problems with this picture.  Both are terrible.

The first problem with the food bank system as it exists today is the kinds of foods that are supplied to the hungry.  Sure, with $100,000 in United Way donations, a local food bank can supply 500,000-800,000 meals each year. But what kind of food is it and what long-term problems do these donated meals create?

A survey of local food banks, which are largely supplied by a regional food bank, shows that most of the food provided consists of canned food products and processed foods, often cereal and other grain-based products which are processed with various vegetable oils.  These foods are often left over and extra food products with expiring dates that have been donated by the large chains and agri-businesses.  What isn’t on the shelves are organic foods, fresh vegetables, butter, healthy meats and free range eggs.

In a word, food bank recipients receive the low end of the Standard American Diet food products.  And such products are well known to contribute to the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and multiple other chronic diseases.  Worse yet, many of these products are well known to contribute to, or directly cause, multiple forms of mental disease and violent behaviors.

So, in essence, the food bank system provides exactly the wrong kinds of foods for people who are often under intense financial and emotional stress.  That kind of empty nutrition on top of extreme stress is a recipe for continuing the vicious cycle of poverty and illness.

In America, we should be able to do better than that!  I know we can but there is another major problem: socialism, government borrowing, taxes and over regulation that have led to financial decline in America.

I will mention just one indicator: SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly called the Food Stamp program that costs taxpayers $78 billion each year.  Started in 1969, for most of its existence, this program has provided benefits to about 10% of the population with some minor cycles.  But with the Obama administration, the program began to increase rapidly from 9% in 2008 (the year of his election) to 11% in 2009 until in 2012 it had grown by 65% to cover 15% of the population.  During the same period, the cost of the program more than doubled (108.4%) from $37.6 billion to over $78.4 billion.

At the same time, the average benefit per person has increased from $102 per month to $133 per month.  So a family of 4 would be entitled to $532 worth of SNAP benefits.  And among the types of products that qualify for SNAP purchases are soft drinks, candy, cookies, cakes.  So a family on SNAP can purchase hundreds of dollars worth of products loaded with sugars, chemicals and carbohydrates laced with processed oils.  And they can receive free, the same type of foods from the food banks.   All of this, of course, contributes to obesity, as well as to chronic and mental illnesses.

Meanwhile, for those who are willing and able to pay their own way, real unemployment numbers are way up, largely due to the massive government borrowing, the noxious regulatory growth and the increased taxes.  And with ObamaCare, the situation will only get much worse.  Consequently, the ability of good-hearted Americans to donate and help those in need has will continue to decrease substantially.  And the dependency of those in poverty on socialism programs will only deepen.  At the same time, the addictions to foods they are permitted to buy and are given free of charge is slowed only by the creeping obesity and resulting chronic medical conditions.

In a word, taxing people more to provide richer socialism benefits is akin to eating more sugar-laced products to curb hunger.  Both are leading to very negative consequences of illness, diabetes, obesity, dependency on government handouts, economic collapse affecting all Americans, and multi-generational habits of poverty.   This is a true disaster in the making.

There is a better way.  Feed them healthy!  And provide the means for all recipients to upgrade their nutrition understanding, cooking skills, and intellectual capabilities.  It will help make poor people smarter, more emotionally balanced, healthier, and more energetic.  In a word, better able to hold a job and start real progress.

That is the long-term mission of Global ResQ.

5 Reasons the US needs a new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit

5 Reasons the US needs a new Nonprofit focused on “FeTrueNatureRanchesFTHed them Healthy.”

  1. 30% of children and adolescents in the US are obese or overweight.  They are overweight because of sugar, fructose,  corn syrup and processed vegetable oils (think chips and most every other processed food)
  2. 17-20% of children and adolescents are food insecure.  They are eating food largely provided by national and regional food banks, which is, for the most part, completely unhealthy.  Here is why:
  3. Food bank food is largely provided by tax-deductible gifts from large grocery chains and food suppliers like ConAgra and Cargill.  Thus, most of the food that food insecure kids get are processed and GMO foods, full of sugars, chemical additives, and hydrogenated vegetable oils: exactly the kinds of foods that cause (1) obesity, (2) an increase in violent behavior, (3) an increase in chronic diseases like diabetes, and (4) reduced cognitive abilities.
  4. Therefore stopping hunger and actually helping food insecure families in the US starts with healthy food.  Most pitches for donations to the hungry do not fund the purchase or production of healthy food.  So we need a new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit that is focused on producing and growing absolutely healthy food for the hungry.
  5. But supplies of healthy foods are not enough.  The food insecure, and in fact all Americans need to learn what is actually healthy and how to prepare such foods and develop eating habits that will eliminate obesity and unhealthy eating.  A new “Feed them Healthy!” nonprofit is needed that will help educate, train, persuade and teach the truth about foods, and how to prepare, enjoy and habitually eat such healthy foods.

Global ResQ is designed to achieve these goals.  Originally focused to provide disaster response services, the food disaster in the US calls for new thinking and powerful active measures.  When you support Global ResQ you will receive:

  1. A supply of healthy food and meat products with the same health qualities and benefits we supply to the food insecure.
  2. The satisfaction of knowing that hungry children and families are receiving the same quality and quantity of food that you receive.

The satisfaction of knowing that the balance of your donation is funding the development of organic, self-sustaining, farms and ranches that will continue to provide truly healthy food for years and years, coupled with effective training and coaching to create and sustain healthy nutritional life styles.


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5 Reasons that Grass Fed Meat is better for you than you thought

5 Reasons that Grass Fed Meat is better for you than you thought


Feed them Healthy Logo

By Wayne G. Walker, PhD

President, Global ResQ, Inc. and “Feed them Healthy”

Everyone has heard that grass-fed beef is better than beef finished in crowded feedlots on grain.  There are a variety of reasons.   Most have heard that grass-fed beef is better for the cattle, more Omega 3’s, more CLA’s, avoiding GMO’s, etc.

BUT there are 5 additional reasons that are even more important, reasons that may

surprise you and that you may have never considered.

    1. The saturated fats of grass fed beef are an outstanding food source.  Yes you read that right.  All fat on the grass fed beef is healthy.  Our bodies were meant to thrive on diets rich in animal fats and low in carbohydrates.
    2. The saturated fats of grass fed beef create healthy cholesterol.  And yes, all cholesterol is healthy.  Our brains need it, our hormones need it.  Our bodies need it to repair damage caused by carbohydrates and trans fatvegetable oils.
    3. We live longer when we eat saturated fats that keep our cholesterol levels moderately high.   Reducing cholesterol levels artificially is a good way to shorten your lifespan.  Worse, while you live, you will have sore joints, tired muscles and lack energy from the side effects of Lipitor or similar drugs.
    4. Eating grass fed beef will make us thinner.  Why, because the good fats ingrass fed beef significantly reduce our craving for sugars and carbohydrates.  Sugars and Carbohydrates are the mechanisms for increasing insulin and making us fat.
    5. Eating grass fed beef will help you save money and keep you healthy free of a variety of artificially accelerated chronic conditions caused by the vegetable oil industry’s propaganda that created widespread fear of cholesterol.  Eating grass fed beef will not clog the arteries and cause heart attacks.  What it will do is help you avoid the expense and worry of taking cholesterol lowering drugs that cost $1000s, and lead to double the heart failure rates, cause premature aging, memory loss, depression, cancer and neuropathy.

:  Eating the fats from grass fed meat is extremely healthy.  You will live longer, you will be more intelligent, you will be more fit and have more energy.



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Check out the Feed them Healthy! Brochure

If you have landed here through a Facebook ad, please take a minute and look through the Feed them Healthy! Brochure.  There is lots of information there about our objectives, our production strategy, financial strategy and the process of getting this done.

We welcome your interest and your comments.  The is a big project.  Once it receives start up funding, we will have much for everyone to pitch in to make the Feed them Healthy! program a success.

Feed them Healthy! mission

To Feed them Healthy!, Global ResQ is applying for a major grant to establish True Nature Farms and Ranches.  These farms and ranches will be managed to advance the charitable purposes in the following ways:

  • The organic ranches will provide completely healthy, grass fed beef products that provide the right kind of nutritious fats and proteins to people in need.
  • The ranches will use a grazing method that increases the number of animals that can be raised on a given area.  This method is known as ultra-high density (mob) grazing.
  • The mob grazing management will sequester significant amounts of carbon into the soil.
  • The mob grazing management method will restore significant amounts of organic material and nutrients to the soil.  This in turn creates the following benefits:
    • Soil nutrients are restored so that future conversions of the land to crop production will yield much healthier produce.
    • The beef products are healthier because the cattle are raised on the true natural food for cattle.  Moreover, the resulting meat will be completely free of any pesticide or herbicide residues.
    • The pastures begin to hold more water during rain periods making the soils and the ranch operations much less affected by drought conditions.
    • The livestock are much healthier than livestock confined in feed yards.
    • The input costs of machinery and feed go to zero as the mob-grazed pastures are managed to provide most if not all feed requirements.
  • As the mob grazed pastures significantly improve the nutrient and organic content of the soils, after 3-4 years of grazing, soils are ready and a portion of the land will be converted to productive organic produce farming to supply organic vegetables to local food banks.
  • The healthy meat and produce products for hungry people in poverty and caught up in disasters will provide more than needed food stuffs, the natural benefits of such food will provide nutrition actually needed to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Please donate today!  Together we can make a difference.



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