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The Global ResQ Charitable Giving Online Shopping Mall

Welcome to Global ResQ’s Online Shopping Mall.  We have established this shopping center to provide our supporters both the convenience of one portal for online shopping, and a convenient way to contribute to the mission of the “Feed them Healthy!” program, True Nature Ranches and Global ResQ.

We are now featuring two top flight vendors:
Adorama: More than a camera store
Blendtec Blenders
US Wellness Meats

In the near future (next week) we anticipate linking to several other popular online vendors.  When you are shopping at or any of the others, if you will simply come here first and click on their logo link to begin your shopping, Global ResQ will receive a small percentage of every purchase you make from that vendor.

Obviously, direct contributions on other pages are much appreciated and 100% of such contributions go to support the Global ResQ mission.  But this is a way to contribute your support whenever you are shopping online.

We appreciate your sharing this page and welcome your suggestions for other online vendors whom we can add to the Charitable Giving Online Shopping Mall.

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