Who are “Them?”

Who are “THEM?”
By Wayne G. Walker, PhD

Global ResQ’s new project is “Feed them Healthy!”


Hungry People being fed

Who are “them”? For purposes of the new project, the term “them” refers to the hungry, the impoverished, and those afflicted by disasters who are in need of immediate, though temporary, sources of nourishment. Thus, them
refers to those who receive assistance from regional and national food banks or who are survivors of disasters. Note that hungry people may, and often does include those who are both living in poverty and have become obese.  In fact, there is a great percentage of people living in poverty who are obese precisely because their bodies are starving for real food.

Thus, in the broader sense, “them” refers to everyone. It refers to you
and me, our children, and our neighbors. In fact, our educational
outreach involves informing all Americans of the importance of healthy
nutrition and healthy living. But what is healthy?

Indeed. There is so much confusing information. So many food choices.
Fast foods, restaurant foods, quick serve foods, microwave foods, meats,
vegetables, ice creams, soda pops, and deserts. And so much deception
in the marketplace. In fact, it is hard to know what is healthy without
making learning about such issues a priority. In fact, when most young
adults, and many who are much older, begin to consider healthy
nutrition, they are shocked to discover that most of their favorite
foods are considered unhealthy by experts. “So what can I eat?” is
frequently the first reaction. “Everything is going to kill us in the
end, right?”

Unfortunately, society has gotten to that point. Most food in the
grocery stores has one problem or another. Most processed foods,
anything in cans or boxes, either have chemical additives, or have been
infused with sugars, high fructose corn syrup, or industrial processed
vegetable oils, or all of the above. In fact, in the United States, the
FDA has approved over 3000 chemicals for addition to foods. What is
worse is that most processed foods now contain genetically modified
(GMO) grains, fruits or sugars. And the government is continuing to
approve multiple GMO plants and seeds and has set up legal protections
for Monsanto and others who are developing such crops so they cannot be
sued for any harm caused by their patented products, or by the chemicals
(primarily Roundup or other herbicides and pesticides) that are heavily
applied to such genetically modified plants.

That protection is the same the government has been providing
pharmaceutical companies that develop and produce vaccination serums.

So in essence the government is protecting large corporations to develop
artificial and patented food products and artificial medications, while
at the same time passing laws that have the effect of driving small
farmers and dairymen out of business, those who produce healthy and
natural foods.

As America wakes up to this deplorable situation, key questions come to

So what is healthy? And who are “them?” Healthy is natural food, grown
organically, without application of dangerous chemicals, and prepared
for consumption without destroying the natural nutrients or adding
harmful substances. Healthy living requires an attitude shift, and a
willingness to learn and make changes to diets, cooking and food preparation, and careful food choices. Them is everyone. You and me.

The big question remains, however. How do we “Feed them Healthy!”? The
answer is straightforward. Start small, educate widely and promote the benefits
of healthy nutrition. Global ResQ is starting small, producing healthy
grass-fed beef and dairy products for regional and local food banks in
ways that rejuvenate the soil, and prepare the soil to grow organic
produce. We teach food recipients how to select and prepare natural
food products that are free of chemical additives, and completely free
of GMO grains, fruits, vegetables or sugars. And we show how most
people can develop their own food production system so they can always
feed themselves healthy. At the same time, we grow the ability to
provide healthy meat and produce on a much wider scale, while joining
with and supporting those who are providing such healthy food on a local
scale, for themselves and their neighbors.

Feed them Healthy! is a movement whose time has come. Them is us.